Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Front Door

After 15 years of walking into my house through a boring, run of the mill, ugly, metal, front door, I made a decision some time ago to replace that door and install a new better looking door, one that has a little panache. After searching the neighborhood Lowes, Home Depot, etc, Kay and I finally located the door that we wanted. Now, I have installed many doors in my earlier construction years, but that was a life time ago, and although I am sure that I could have accomplished the task, I fear I would have had to place a piece of plywood over the entryway, because I am not sure that I could have finished it myself in time to go to bed.

My brother, Keith, and my Dad had come to town. They were only here for a few days but Keith offered to help me install the door (we hadn't purchased it yet but we had it picked out and we were ready for the purchase.) Alas, "my dad didn’t raise no dummies," so I willingly agreed. We could have gone sight seeing. We wanted to go to Boulder Dam and see the new bridge that is being built across Black Canyon, but he volunteered and I accepted his offer. We ran to Home Depot, purchased the door and brought it home.

Out came the old door and in went the new. Keith is a contractor in Hawaii so this was old hat to him. The new door went in in about 2 hours, in no small measure, due to Keith's expertise. See why I was more than willing to accept Keith's assistance. (I assisted, I held the nails and Keith used the hammer. I only lost one fingernail. Well not really. If I fell for that old carpenters trick I couldn't say, "My Dad didn't raise no dummies" now could I?).

I sure like the door. What do you think, it does have some panache, doesn’t it?


Anson Wong said...


Kay B. said...

Yes, the door is beautiful. Thanks again.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Very pretty, with lots of panache. Good job Lar.

Michelle said...

It's about time you posted a new blog post!! The door looks great by the way!

Kermit Lukacs said...

That door is definitely beautiful. The rose window is very pretty as well. It was a good thing your family helped out in getting the old door out and the new one in. In the end, it was worth all your effort and time. It might have taken you longer if you did it all by yourself!

- Kermit Lukacs