Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kay and the closet

Kay says that I snore. Now I cannot with any degree of certainty confirm or refute this allegation. See, I don’t stay awake to find out one way or the other. But this incident rather strongly suggest that I may.

See, I have been suffering from a cold for the last several days. I suppose that this may have had an effect on my breathing that night. At any rate, we went to bed at our usual time. I zonked out almost immediately. Sometime later, I awoke realizing that Kay was not lying in the bed beside me. Occasionally she has issues getting to sleep and rarely manages to nod off before I do. If I snore, I suppose that she would be the one who would know for certain. At any rate, I awoke, realizing that she wasn’t there. I decided that I needed to check on her to see if she was alright. While I was arousing my witts, (you know how it is when you wake up from a deep sleep, and need to spend a second or two to get the cobwebs out), well I realized that the light indicating that I had messages was flashing on my cell phone. Well in today’s society, what does one do when the cell phone indicates that there are messages? One listens to the messages, right? One might also add that 1:30 am is a rather strange time to listen to voice mail messages, but that is what I was doing. (It isn't really all that strange, is it?) Suddenly I heard this rather sheepish little voice come from what I thought was the throne room in our bath area. “Larry, who are you talking to?” I acknowledged that I was listening to my messages. Then, realizing that the voice I had heard did not come from the throne room, I asked, “Kay where are you?” Now here comes the part that I laugh about every time I think of it. She said, “I’m in the closet.” Now the lights were off so it was obvious that she wasn’t looking over her wardrobe for the clothes that she was wearing the next day. I have to admit there were several thoughts going through my mind at that time. The most significant of which I verbalized, “Kay, what in the world are you doing in the closet at 1:30 in the morning” Answer, “I’m trying to sleep.” New thought, “Kay why are you trying to sleep in the closet?” Answer, “You were snoring so much that I couldn’t get to sleep.” (I have to admit that my initial thought processes included denying that I snore but elected to with hold that bit of information.) New thought, “Kay, what are you covering up with?” Answer, “A towel.” New thought, “Kay, why didn’t you just poke me in the ribs and tell me to stop snoring?” Answer, “I didn’t want to wake you up” Now how thoughtful is that. But a towel on the floor of the closet at 1:30 in the morning? Do you see why this struck me as funny?”

Now I am not admitting that I snore. But If I do, Kay, next time try poking me and asking me to stop. No more of this in the closet, covering up with a towel in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the noise. OK? For her version, click here.


Carlee Hoopes said...

LOL!!!! This is an awesome story. I also find it hilarious that she chose the closet floor and covered up with a towel. But, Lar, who were the messages from at 1:30 a.m.?

Glad you got it all worked out...I am not as nice as her I suppose. I have gotten pretty good at just kicking Kory when he makes noises in the night.

Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

Okay, I don't even have to read her version. I will, but I have to state the obvious first.

Dad's snoring can wake the dead. He has a snore that makes the neighbors down the street wet the bed. Once, while producing a short film with a godzilla-type monster in it, I snuck into his room at night and recorded a sample of his snore. I ended up slowing it down a bit, but it turned out to be the perfect roar for the monster.

So any attempt by the old man to claim he doesn't snore should be viewed as a sad and laughable effort.

A sample of said snoring recording can be made available to those who may require it.

Larry said...

Hey Nigel, I want to hear that snoring tape. Kay wants to know why this information wasn't divulged before she married me.

chellelee said...

Seriously I think it's a little more weird that you were checking your messages at that hour...but that's coming from someone who has slept in the closet on numerous occasions.
So, maybe you guys should get on some sort of schedule for writing on differing subjects since you seem to blog about the same things :)

Michelle said...

That is so hilarious. Dad, you do snore, I have heard it. But Kay, the closet floor? Don't you have an empty guest room?

Hannah & Dara said...

hannah here. I do not recall you snoring but then again i may have thought you were my dad...he snors like a hell! how do i add you on my blog? i'm new to this blogging!