Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I am going to blog about…….. well, blogging.

I just can’t figure out where all the bloggers find enough hours in the day to blog even once a week let alone daily. Don’t get me wrong I find no fault with people finding the time to blog. I just find it difficult myself. If I find the time about once a quarter, I think that I am doing pretty well. But people still ask me, “Why don’t you blog more often?” Well, to answer that, I would love to do so. I find it fascinating not only to write about a few things myself, but to find out what other people feel inclined to write about. However, not only can I not find enough hours in the day to blog on a regular basis, I find it difficult to come up with any innovative subjects to write about. So there you have it. Not enough time in the day and a mind that doesn’t seem to be very creative when it comes to identifying something to blog about.

So here is my decision. I am going to keep a list of things to blog about. So far there are……….Well there isn’t a thing on the list just yet, but if I keep trying, maybe I will think of something in time for next quarter’s blog. I suppose we will have to wait and see.


vanessa paradis said...

I am "in" Education, too. I have the opposite problem: there is too much to blog about. The world is in crisis, and we need to find many solutions to all of the problems. Blogging is a wonderful way to network, learn more, get creative, and come up with some unique solutions. Check out my blog and you'll see what I mean...I can't stop blogging (although I have just started on eBlogger - most of my blogs are on another educational site which are linked to from my first eBlogger blog). The weird thing about it though, is that I still do all of my other work, too - working on my PhD, writing for publication, teaching online classes, and going to the athletic club to work out....The thing is, you do need to have lots of ideas, and you have to be able to type fast, too.
Good to meet you,

John & Linds said...

For me, it's like writing an email update like I used to do for my parents in college. I'd write about my day or what my thoughts were- but I had no idea they were printing them and saving it for me. You can actually set up an email account for your blog and it posts right away!

Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

I am in education, as well, so let me wax intellectual for a moment and say this:

I may be the artistic type, not being in the academic part of the collegiate experience, but I am pretty sure that when you said, "So there you have it..." that it should have been a new paragraph.

I could be wrong. I am just a lowly film maker, but I have a hunch I might be right on this.

Ask Special Kay.

Michelle said...

I disagree. It's all a matter of what you choose to spend your time on. I don't watch TV so that right there saves me quite a bit of time compared to the rest of America. I don't blog about interesting things but I like having a place I can write down my thoughts and experiences. Blog when you can, we enjoy reading when you do write.

Carlee Hoopes said...

I think we've all felt like you before. I mean, it is hard to find time and to have topics to write about. Some people turn blogging into a big hobby and others just have it there for it they want to use it. And there is nothing wrong with either way. We like hearing what you have to say, but don't stress yourself out over anything. If writing once a quarter is all you can do, that's just fine! Don't make it into a stressful thing because then you won't ever enjoy it!

Michelle said...

Hey Dad, I have been wondering when you would post a new blog! Just Kidding. I love reading what you post, but you don't have to feel so worried about what you post. Like me, I am not so sure anyone finds my blog all that terribly interesting because all I do is document what is going on in the life of my family. I am not creative and I can't even make my blog really fun like Carlee's is. Perhaps that is why nobody comments...or maybe nobody comments because nobody is reading...I don't know. My point is that I blog for me and for my family far away who care to know what we are up to. I have found it a completly fun way to keep our history. I think eventually, I may even print it all. Who knows.

Michelle said...

P.S. Your posting average is better than once a month. There's nothing wrong with that.

Kay B. said...

Like you, I don't blog to often either. I sure do enjoy reading them though. Maybe that's why I can't find time to post my own blogs.